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Sally Abbott
Title Review and Loan Preparation

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Sally was born in Allentown, PA but her parents moved to Salisbury when she was two so she is basically a homegrown. After working in banking for 11 years, she went to work for the Law firm of Ann Shaw where she did real estate for nine years. When she left there in 2009, she went to work at Hearne & Bailey doing a little bit of everything, but basically their accounting and title review and loan document preparation for a local lender. Eventually they added real estate onto her numerous jobs and she was there until 2021, when the firm decided to close. She is semi-retired now, and came to work for Widdowson and Dashiell in 2021 working three days a week doing the title review and loan preparation for the same lender that she was doing at her previous job. She loves reading, shopping, fishing and just being on the water. She is married, has one daughter, a stepdaughter and stepson, two grandchildren and two very mischievous kitties. She and her husband, Robert, live in Salisbury.